It’s Wednesday

This song has been in my mind for the last 3 months or so. Just amazing!

Below is a selection of amazing guitarists for your Wednesday groove.

Found this while searching for the blues. Justin Johnson’s playing will take you there. Impressive work with an equally impressive guitar collection.
The Great Charlie Christian.

The Great Taj Mahal to take us home

America Are You Sleeping?

There was no doubt

passions ran high

The excitables and peacocks joined forces

convinced their leaders are true

The dredges and forgotten, the rich and influenced

answered the call

they believed their leaders true

They were joined with patriot-traitors, foreign agents, the lonely, sad and pethetic

your neighbor

They stormed the citadel and took pictures for Mom and the world to see

“So happy are we

in our frenzy to eat our own”

a gathering of the grieved, the panic stricken unheard

they answered the call from the faceless trolls who manufactured

and served fear as comfort food

they answered the call from the pretty faces and sexy bodies

from the politi-tainment-weaponized-christ

every one of them self crucified

Forty-Five years of hate and fear

Forty-Five years of violent imagery

Militarism infused into every aspect of life

Camo underwear?

a generation raised on the teat of a gun

they gathered to be inspired

inspired they were

Their leaders ran home and tuned in

gathered with friends, family, the rich and famous to watch and sceme while the citadel was ransacked

life was threatened

they partied bathed in greed

dreaming of the spoils

patriot-traitors, foreign agents, the lonely, sad and pathetic broke glass

attacked those who swore to protect

attacked those who held true

your neighbor

Their glee broke my heart

Their anger terrified me

they have no remorse only lust of blood

lust of hate to comfort their fear

their hubris




they laugh in the face of those who care,

those who believe,

those who love

America are you sleeping?